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Home of 2014 NH State Champions! (L3, L4, L5, L7, L9, XB, XS, XG, XP, XD ) & Regional Champions!

NH Vacation week - Feb 23 - 28. We are closed for all classes except Monday Make up for snow days. The only Open Gym this week is for Pre-school on Friday at 10:15 - 11:15. Team schedules are on the website. Have a great vacation week!
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Stars Meet scheduled for this Sat January 24th has been rescheduled due to the weather forecast. The new meet date will be April 4th. So the stars meet dates are:
Sat. March 7, April 4, and May 16th.
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Open Gyms for school age: More information

Xcel Tune up meet March 21 and 22, 2015 We still have openings!

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Spring Registration is coming up! March 16 - June 21st.
Important information:
Current Customers will be billed for the next session on March 1st unless we have a written confirmation (email) to remove the student from the class. If we do not, the policy for refund will be enforced. See registration information
New Customers may register on March 1st. All payments must be made to register. Go to the Programs tab to see all
schedules for Spring and class availability.
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News At Phantom!

Phantom Gymnastics was named New Hampshire JO State Club of the year for 2014!

Programs at Phantom:

All Registration and tuition fees will be charged to credit card upon sign up if you enroll for Fall session after Aug 1st. For tuition details and policies click here.
Students come to gymnastics one time per week for an hour and 10 minutes. The objective is to have fun and become more physically active through basic gymnastics skill building. We help each child set goals and work on skills at their level. Recreational gymnastics will not produce a polished gymnast, but they will gain skills and stay fit! We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. With only 1hour and 15 minutes per week it is realistic to expect your child to accomplish basic skills, some intermediate skills and over time, more advanced skills. These skills won't happen over night! It will take time. In addition to gymnastics skill building, you should also expect see your child having fun doing some socializing and enjoying gymnastics related games, especially in the 6- 8 year old range. What most people don't understand about gymnastics is how much work (time, conditioning, flexibility, dance) it takes to be an accomplished gymnast. Those who are, have been training for years and for long hours each week! If you and your child have a goal to acquire a higher level of gymnastics skills more quickly, you may want to consider another program.
Choose either the child directed class (2 to 3 years old with a helper) or pre-school (3 - 4 year olds without a helper)! In Child Directed Mommy, Daddy, grandma, nanny or other care giver helps their child learn gross motor skills, social interaction and parents can have their own social time with parents of other children! Each class your child will work on motor coordination with circle time that include songs and activities modified to accommodate the age and skill level of 2 - 3 year olds! The child is doing what he/she can with structure and assistance and is encouraged to explore new movement! Pre school is for ages 3 and 4 where the child must be able to be on their own. Children will have the ability to do skill based gymnastics; learning forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, jumping, basic bar, trampoline, beam and vaulting skills as well as other gross motor skills. We also work on taking turns, social skills and incorporate basic pre-school learning with numbers, letters and colors. You will often find a special theme week, such as beach, holiday, circus, space, under the sea...just to name a few!
Kindergarten age classes will focus on skill progression using both pre-school and traditional gymnastics apparatus to build strength, coordination, flexibility. Children will acquire basic beginning gymnastics skills mixed with a lot of fun!
    STAR LEAGUE Welcome to the Phantom Gymnastics Star League! This program was created for the gymnast who demonstrates a desire to compete along with the ability to focus, follow directions, make corrections and have an overall drive and enthusiasm for the sport of gymnastics.
  • (non-competitive)-this is our developmental level where the athletes are learning skills needed to compete. Once 100% of skills in level 1 and 90% of the skills in level 2 are achieved, the gymnast can advance to the competitive levels.
  • this is our introduction to competition. To be in this level, gymnasts must have all of skill level 1. They will continue to develop skills in level 2. Gymnasts may participate in in-house competitions if they are ready. They will begin learning and practicing routines. They will be required to purchase a uniform and participate in at least two of the three in-house competitions in the spring.
  • (competitive in-house)-this is the 2nd level of competition. Gymnasts in this group have mastered 100% of skills in level 1 and at least 90% of the level 2 skills. They will begin learning and practicing routines. They will be required to purchase a uniform and participate in at least two of the three in-house competitions in the spring.
  • (competitive in-house)-this is our third level of competition. Gymnasts in this group must have mastered at least 90% of the level 3 skills (and all of 1 and 2). Their routines will consist of more advanced skills. They must compete in at least two out of three in-house competitions in the spring and also be required to purchase a uniform.
  • (competitive in-house or xcel-Bronze) -at this skill level gymnast may decide to advance to our prep-rookie program which involves an extra day of practice, competitions in other gyms and a larger uniform expense. If they choose to remain in the Star League they will compete at the xcel-bronze skill level. The Star League needs parents to be willing to volunteer for competitions. It doesn't take much time, just a little set up or break down for the competition.
  • When you enter this program you should do so with the intention of staying for the full school year. Commitment is necessary since space for this program is limited and requires learning routines. Your session tuition will include competitive entry fees for at least two competitions and a uniform fee for the year. Please consider if this program is right for you and your child. We look forward to a great experience!

Phantom Tumbling Program Welcome to the Phantom Flyers Tumbling program! In order to participate in this program you should be able to perform a handstand, a cartwheel and do a bridge on the floor. We would like to provide you with some information on the philosophy of our program. What to expect while attending the Phantom Tumbling program
  • You will be working on your basics every class..handstands, round offs, rebounding, back handspring technique etc…..
  • You will be performing endless amounts of drills to perfect the technique of the skill you are trying to achieve.
  • You will be participating in strength and flexibility exercises to help you get to your goal.
  • You can expect it to take up to a year to achieve a tumbling goal such as a back handspring.

If your body doesn’t have the required amount of strength and flexibility, spotting you on the skill you are trying to achieve over and over again WILL NOT HELP YOU. What WILL help you is performing drills, conditioning and stretching to increase strength and/or flexibility that you may be missing. A few spots are okay if you are close to these requirements. This requires a lot of patience and HARD WORK! Choosing to be in this program tells us that you are agreeing to this philosophy that we at Phantom STRONGLY believe in. We understand there are different programs that may do things differently. Our program isn’t for everyone so please evaluate your expectations against our training methods prior to registering for the class.
The developmental program is for girls who show an apptitude for gymnastics at a young age typically ages 5 - 7. The year in developmental is spent working with young gymnasts to develop their strength, flexibility, and create a solid foundation to begin down the path of the high level competitive USAG Team program. This program is by invite only and will be filled ONLY with girls who want to pursue our USAG JO competitive gymnastics team. You may request an evaluation. (subject to fee)
Gymnast will compete in Xcel meets outside of the gym, 6 - 7 times per year. This program is for USAG JO gymnasts who are burnt out, talented gymnasts who want to do other sports and young gymnasts who find USAG too hard or time consuming. Girls in this program must have required skills to participate. This program is by invite only. However, if you feel you fit the qualifications, please inquire! A discussion and evaluation will be required.
Phantom Gymnastics has a highly competitive Junior Olympic team. Girls must be recommended for our JO team program by having participated in one of our other programs. The hours are challenging and long, but hard work and commitment translate into successful competitive gymnastics! Gymnasts in this program work out 3 - 4 days per week. Hours range from 9 - 20. If you are currently on a team and are interested in the type of program we offer, please contact us directly at 329-9315 and ask for Cathie. We can provide more information, but require a discussion first. Check out our team website for more insight into our record and program!

JO Team level 3 -10 pictured below. Xcel Team pictures coming soon!

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Congratulations to our JO & Xcel Teams in 2014

  • Level 3 NH State Champions
  • Level 4 NH State Champions
  • Level 5 NH State Champions
  • Level 7 NH State Champions
  • Level 9 NH State Champions
  • Level 6 2nd Place NH State
  • Level 8 2nd Place NH State
  • Level 8 - 3 Regional Qualifiers
  • Level 9 - 3 Regional Qualifiers
  • Level 10 - 2 Regional Qualifiers
  • Level 9 - 3 Eastern Qualifiers
  • Level 9 Regional Champions IN AA, Bars, Beam, and Floor!
  • Xcel Bronze NH State Champions
  • Xcel Silver NH State Champions
  • Xcel Gold NH State Champions
  • Xcel Platinum NH State Champions
  • Xcel Diamond NH State Champions
  • 18 Xcel Regional qualifiers!

Directions to Phantom:

Take I-93 to Exit 3 in New Hampshire onto route 111 east for approximately 5.5 miles. The Phanzone Complex is on the left.

From Route 495 in Massachusetts:
Take exit 51B, Route 125 North towards Plaistow, bear left onto Route 121 North. Near traffic light at Mobil station, stay on 121 for aprox. 4 miles. At the intersection of Route 111 traffic light turn left onto 111 West. Go aprox. 500 yards on 111 West. The Phanzone complex is on the right.
603 329-9315
Phantom Gymnastics
142 Route 111
PO Box 986
Hampstead, NH 03841