Phantom Gymnastics offers gymnastics programs for all age groups and skill levels from beginner through advanced competitive teams.  Our goal is to provide a safe and caring environment where each child is encouraged to develop gymnastics skills, strength, social skills, self-esteem and confidence.  With unparalleled customer service, we strive to gain the respect and trust of our customers - students, and parents alike - by attention to safety, skill advancement, and meeting the individual needs and goals of each student.

Our coaches are USAG & CPR certified.
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Tammy Kozlowski: Tammy is an education major with a minor in child psychology. She has been coaching and teaching since 1990. She has coached an endless number of teams to State Championship titles as well as Regional and National Championships. She coached the National Beam Champion in 2014. She is nationally certified through USA Gymnastics, earning the highest level of certification available. She has trained athletes who have been selected for the TOPs National Team Program, which consist of athletes chosen to participate on the Junior Olympic Elite track. She also participated at the National Team Training Center (formally the Karoyli ranch) in an exclusive intensive education program with national staff. She has worked closely with the national beam coach to receive the most current state-of-the-art training techniques available. Tammy has to date; 5 athletes competing on Division 1-college teams who have each received full or partial scholarships for their athletic accomplishments. She also has several other college athletes competing on Division 2 & 3 teams who also received scholarship funds. She has worked closely through the years with countless physical therapist, chiropractors and sports psychologist to gain knowledge on injury prevention and superior mental training methods. Tammy has the highest of standards and is a dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable professional.
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Aimee Kozlowski: Aimee is co-owner of Phantom Gymnastics. She was a Division 1 NCAA athlete who earned a full scholarship to James Madison University. She was a successful Human Resources director for a large Boston based cooperation for over 20 years. Aimee has participated in her community in coaching youth sports for over 10 years. She understands the meaning of discipline, structure and hard work. She thrives on teaching more than just gymnastics, but invaluable life skills that will last long after her students leave the sport. She has been coaching and training for over 3 years under highly qualified staff. She has attended countless clinics with Olympic coaches and utilized every opportunity to learn everything possible about the most current and successful training techniques. Aimee currently works with our Junior Olympic, Xcel and developmental teams, as well as our Stars athletes.
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Stephen Darrigo: After finishing his gymnastics career as a Class 1 National level gymnast, Stephen turned his focus onto coaching and developing gymnasts. He started his coaching career in the USAG Mens’ program where he had State and Regional Champions along with Future Star team members. Turning his focus to the USAG Women’s Program in 2002, Stephen has since coached numerous State and Regional Champions along with National qualifiers, TOPs National Team members and NCAA Athletes. Throughout the years Stephen was able to travel throughout the country building relationships and learning from some of the most successful coaches in the USA working along side the USA National coaching staff and many World and Olympic coaches. Stephen’s passion for the sport of gymnastics has proven to be the driving force for his success as he is often requested to assist with coaching at numerous training camps across the country including NCAA college camps, Regional Developmental training camps and an Elite Development Camp. With the guidance of previous World and Olympic coaches such as Al Fong, James “J.C.”  Chudy and Terry Walker just to name a few, Stephen strives to continue to help aspiring gymnasts reach their goals, wether it be a member of a NCAA Division 1 program or pursuing their Olympic Dream. 
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Craig Fortin: Craig is our pre-school director who continually challenges our youngest students. He coaches our Xcel, internal competitive, recreational and kindergarten. He is also our Birthday party host. He has extensive knowledge in tumbling and was a JO gymnast in the past. He is a USAG pro member and is level 300 and safety certified.