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  • Parkour Fun and Fundamentals (Ages 4-9, classes divided into 4-6 & 7-9)

    Does your kid think your living room is a jungle gym? The Parkour Fun and Fundamentals program is tailor made for children ages 4-9 who want a chance to use their energy constructively, while learning g the basic skills necessary to become tomorrows Parkour Masters!

    The class uses intuitively designed obstacles and guided instruction on skill specific events, as well as friendly competitive gam play and activities.

    This allows students to develop important social behavioral skills in a safe and controlled environment. Students will develop skills that will give them and edge in any sport or discipline such as sprinting, jumping, climbing, balancing, crawling, swinging, and rolling.

    Start putting that energy to good use. Classes run once a week for 60 minutes. Sessions are 4 weeks long with NO registration fees.

  • Parkour Foundations Program (Ages 10+)

    The Parkour Foundations program is designed for young athletes looking to learn and develop the basic skills of Parkour in a fund and safe environment. Students at this level will focus on obstacle traversal based skills such as running, jumping, vaulting, and rolling. This class will also incorporate bars and balance, marital arts, trampoline skills, and basic tumbling.

    Skill building is broken up by frequent friendly competitive activities, game play and challenges. Athletics are physically demanding and Parkour is no exception. Students can expect a variety of conditioning to help strengthen the mind and body in order to advance through the Parkour journey.

    Students will be introduced to key concepts of self development and be given "homework'" like goal sheets, stretches, meditation, and breathing exercises to encourage consistent growth and individuals and athletes. Theses skills will give any athlete a competitive edge in any sport of discipline.

    Athletes will also be invited to attend in house competitions and game nights as well as opportunities for skill testing.

    Need more convincing? Come in for a free trial class, or you can even bring a friend. Classes fun 75 minutes once per week. Sessions are 4 weeks long with NO registration fees.

  • Parkour Applied Skills Program (ages 13+)

    The Parkour Applied Skill Program is an in-depth approach to developing the mind, body and spirit through the Parkour practice. The program will stress the importance of personal safety and smart decision making skills. Students will condition to develop strength, speed, balance, flexibility, as well as physical and mental endurance. Classes are composed of a variety of exercises as well as game play. Classes will also incorporate many other advanced disciplines such as gymnastics, tumbling, martial arts, tricking, trampoline, and break dance.

    Athletes can expect detailed explanations of skills from a technical and philosophical persecutive. They will also learn to create smooth streamlined runs and master difficult tricks while being introduced to key concepts of self-development. They will be given "homework" such as goal sheets, stretches, meditation, breathing exercises, and challenges to encourage consistency growth as individuals and athletes.

    Got what it takes? Come in for a free trial. Classes run 90 minutes once per week and we offer a 4 week sessions with NO registration fee.

  • Flips, Kicks, Tips & Tricks Progarm (Ages 10+)

    "That's not flying, that's falling with style….but oh, so much style"

    This program is designed for those of us who can't keep their feet on the ground. It is an entire hour devoted to anything and everything that spins, flips, tumbles, or twist. Students will learn a variety of skills and styles including but not limited to tumbling, trampoline and tricking. Athletes will be provided with a basic understanding of the fundamental laws or physics associated with flip skills. They will also be exposed to concepts of terminology such as planes of motion and prober "blocking". Students should expect ample amounts of drills and physical conditioning necessary for skill building.

    This program is open to anyone ages 10 or older interested in mastering the art of flipping. Students enrolled in another Parkour program can also use this class to spend more time incorporating tricks into their runs and flows. There is a 20% multi-class discount offered.

    Got a case of flip fever? We have just the right medicine. Classes run once per week for 60 minutes. We offer 4 week sessions with NO registration fees.


S1 = Session #1 (09/08 - 10/04)
S2 = Session #2 (10/05 - 11/01)
S3 = Session #3 (11/02 - 11/29)
S4 = Session #4 (11/30 - 12/27)
Vacation Week (12/28 - 01/03)
S5 = Session #5 (01/04 - 01/31)
S6 = Session #6 (02/01 - 02/28)
S7 = Session #7 (03/01 - 03/28)
S8 = Session #8 (03/29 - 04/25)
Vacation Week (04/26 - 05/02)
S9 = Session #9 (05/03 - 05/30)
S10 = Session #10 (05/31 - 06/27)
Summer Session (07/12 - 08/27)