PLEASE NOTE…..2018-2019 Classes are being billed in 10 week

sessions (last year we billed in 8 week sessions)!!

2017 - 2018 Class Schedule

  • 2018 SESSIONS
    Pre-School must be 3 - 4 years old
  • Pre-Kinder must be 4 - 5 years old
    S1 = Session #1
    Kindergarten Class must be 5 - 6 years old

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Pre-School Adventure Program: Age 18 months - 5
Choose the child directed class (18 month and up with a helper), pre-school (3 - 4 year olds solo), Kinder 4+
  • In Child Directed Mommy, Daddy, grandma, grandpa, nanny or other care giver helps their child learn gross motor skills, social interaction and parents can have their own social time with parents of other children! Each class your child will work on motor coordination with circle time that include songs and activities modified to accommodate the age and skill level! The child is doing what he/she can with structure and assistance and is encouraged to explore new movement!
  • Pre school is for ages 3 -4. The child must be able to be on their own. Children will have the ability to do skill based gymnastics; learning forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, jumping, basic bar, trampoline, beam and vaulting skills as well as other gross motor skills. We also work on taking turns, social skills and incorporate basic pre-school learning with numbers, letters and colors. You will often find a special theme week, such as beach, holiday, circus, space, under the sea...just to name a few!

  • Pre-Kinder ages 4 - 5/Kindergarten age 5+ will focus on skill progression using both pre-school and traditional gymnastics apparatus to build strength, coordination, flexibility. Children will acquire basic beginning gymnastics skills mixed with a lot of fun!