Phantom Gymnastics

2019 - 2020 Stars
Class Schedule

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  • 2019/2020 SESSIONS
    S1 = Session #1
    S2 = Session #2
    S3 = Session #3
    S4 = Session #4

Phantom Stars League…… (click here for policies and pricing)!

For girls who want to learn routines and compete in in-house meets. This could lead to more competitive gymnastics! Great starting point. All stars participant levels must commit to the full year (Sept - June). For Stars 1, Stars 2 and Stars 3 levels you must also commit to participate in at least 2 in-house meets.

Meet dates 2020 :
Meet #1: January 25th
Meet #2: April 4th
Meet #3: June 6th

Stars sign up document for meets; payments are due upon sign up. If not payment accompanies the sign up your credit card will be charged. Sign ups must be complete 2 weeks prior to each meet. 2 meets are required but 3 would be best! No refund given after 2 week prior to the meet.

Enrollment will be automatic from session to session as the stars program is a yearly program. If you don't want to commit to the year, please choose a recreational class.
Rising Stars participants need to desire a little more time and the gym and must be eager to learn and able to focus and follow directions. The gymnast must have some strength and flexibility in order to be able to learn new skills.

Stars 1 are gymnast who have mastered our level 1 skills to include a forward roll vault, glides, front supports, casting and forward rolls on bars, mounts, walks and jumps on beam and cartwheels, backward rolls, bridges, handstands and forward rolls on floor.

Stars 2 are gymnast who have mastered our level 2 skills to include a handstand to a 24 inch mat vault, kick over w/ block, cast back hip circle on bars, pivot turns, levers, cartwheel handstand dismounts on beam and round off, backbends, and handstand forward rolls on floor.

Stars 3 are gymnast who have mastered our level 3 skills to include a handstand vault onto a 32 inch mat, pull over, sneak through and sole circle or under swing dismounts on bars, handstands, half turns, 2 jumps connected and cartwheel and round off dismounts on beam and round off rebounds, back walkovers, split jumps and half turns on floor.
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