2018 - 2019 Tumbling
Class Schedule

PLEASE NOTE…..2018-2019 Classes are being billed in 10 week
sessions (last year we billed in 8 week sessions)!!

  • 2019 SESSIONS
    S1 = Session #1
  • Phantom Flyers Tumbling Program!!!
    Welcome to the Phantom Flyers tumbling program!! Please read the following to help you get the most out of your tumbling program experience!! It is important that your body is conditioned to be able to perform the skills you are attempting to master. In order to have the best chance to achieve the skills you desire in a timely manner, you should perform the following exercises in class and at home.
    • Leg Strength- squat jumps, duck walks, wall sits, walking lunges, jump backs to a raised surface
    • Core Strength- sit-ups, plank holds, arch-ups, tuck-ups, leg lifts on elbows with straight legs
    • Arm strength- do a lot of handstand holds with your belly facing the wall. If you have room, you can also walk side to side in a handstand. Push-ups are also great for arm and chest strength.
    • Flexibility- you need good strength and flexibility in a bridge position so do a lot of bridge holds and rocks

    Class time will be spent working on several drills and conditioning exercises to help you achieve your goals. It will not help you to perform a certain skill repeatedly with a spot if you do not have the strength and flexibility to perform the skill. Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Phantom Flyers Tumbling Program

    Our Tumbling program focuses on skill and technique development rather than endless spotted back handsprings or tucks. Be sure you buy into our philosophy!

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    If you do not see the word "register" next to the class you want, it is full. If you are a new customer and the class is full, please register with the wait list link. We will do everything we can to try to accommodate your request. If you are an existing customer, please email us to request to be wait listed in a class.
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